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What is a Parlay Bet? Why is Parlay Betting in Football So Popular?

If you had the option to place a parlay bet on a match you love, would you dare to put your money on it? For those in this situation who want to understand soccer tips guide more about football parlay betting, let's follow this article.

Definition of a Parlay Bet:

A parlay bet, also known as "kèo xiên," is a form of combined bet that includes multiple types of bets on one football betting slip. Reputable football bookmakers often offer players dozens or even hundreds of different types of bets, such as over/under bets, European bets, handicap bets, corner bets, card bets, and more.

However, with a parlay betting slip, players can bet on all these types simultaneously. Moreover, the payout rate when winning a parlay bet is often very high, making this type of bet very attractive to many participants.

Additionally, parlay bets are also known by other names in English, such as multiple bets, mix parlay, etc. If you bet on sports at foreign sportsbooks, you should take note of these terms.

Why is Parlay Betting Popular in Our Country?

As mentioned, a parlay bet is a form of bet with multiple types of bets on one betting slip. These bets can come from different matches. For instance, you can bet on one bet from league A, another from league B, and yet another from league C. All are allowed and the payout is calculated according to regulations if the predictions are correct.

However, the condition is that you must win all the types of bets chosen in the parlay slip. If all the predictions in the parlay betting slip are correct, it means the payout will be extremely large.

But, if even one of the bets in the parlay slip is wrong, the entire betting slip is considered lost.

Even though parlay betting is highly enticing due to the potential high payout, if you have some experience and knowledge about football betting, many will still choose parlay bets despite the risks.

How to Calculate Football Parlay Bets Accurately:

Depending on the sportsbook you choose, information about the group of bets in the parlay slip will be provided in detail.

Typically, when you choose a betting site to place parlay bets on football, the main interface will provide three main types of bets, including: O/U (over/under), HDP (handicap), and 1×2 (European bets).

These are the types of football bets with the highest number of participants at the sportsbook. Additionally, there are still other types of bets available. Players can actively choose the type of bet they want in their parlay slip.

For example, a European parlay bet on three matches might be Aser @ 1.4, Man City @ 1.7, Juventus @ 1.8. If all three predictions are correct in the European bet (1×2), this parlay bet wins.

For Asian handicap parlay bets, there are some special cases to note. If you win/lose half of the stake, the payout calculation will also change.

Furthermore, all the bet choices in the football parlay slip must be accurate. Otherwise, the betting slip is considered invalid.

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Experience with Parlay Betting in Football

To excel at parlay betting, the initial step is to accumulate knowledge, participate in football parlay bets in a match, and know how to hedge your bets at the right moment. Specifically, you should:

Accumulate Knowledge

In any field, if you want to succeed, you must have knowledge about it. Betting is no exception; players must continually refine their knowledge, learning from the basics to build a foundation for long-term play.

For many people, parlay betting is considered risky, so many do not fully understand it. However, with the development of social networks, you can learn about it through many reputable forums, betting blogs, football parlay experience-sharing fan pages, and from trustworthy bookmakers. If you maintain this for a long period, your experience with parlay betting will significantly increase.

To effectively place parlay bets, you need to master the basic odds reading. This will enable you to combine and increase your winning percentage. Players should regularly follow tips from seasoned bettors to improve their chances of winning.

Participate in Football Parlay Bets in a Match

Parlay bets are difficult to win because they combine multiple bets, making predictions extremely challenging. Predicting one bet is hard enough, but predicting 2-3 bets within the same timeframe shows how difficult it can be. If you decide to play parlay bets, focus intensely and avoid participating in too many parlays, as the difficulty increases exponentially.

Hedge Bets at the Right Time

When a player feels that one of the bets in the parlay is at risk of losing, they need to stay calm. If this happens, the only option is to bet against the previous bets within the parlay.


By now, we should have a basic understanding soccer tips website of what parlay betting is. It can be seen that parlay betting in football is not difficult. With reasonable calculation, you can easily plan a football parlay bet. If you're interested in parlay betting in football, make sure to visit the bookmaker and try placing a bet right away.


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